Monthly Gratitude & Chronic Illness – July 2020

I have decided that at the end of each month, I am going to summarise 3 things that I am especially grateful about, so that I stop and really take notice of the good things in my life, no matter how small it may seem.

Number 3 – My bed

It is the most comfortable place for me. There was a time where I dreaded going to bed because I would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic. Fortunately, I have moved well beyond that anxiety state and have reclaimed the sacred space that is my bed.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of lying down and allowing my sore and tired muscles to just relax and sink into the mattress. Even though I still have to manage pain during the night, it is the most blissful place for me to be.

I dream big

Number 2 – Coffee, coffee and more coffee

I have actually quite enjoyed working from home full-time and pottering around the house. I have been reassessing my priorities in life and being at home has certainly gone up my list.

The one thing I have missed during lock down is a good cup of cafe style coffee (such a first world problem I know). I finally splurged on a proper home espresso machine (which means, I actually raided some funds that I keep aside as an emergency for my cats, like unexpected vet bills…please do not get sick my fur babies). Worth every damn penny. My coffee addiction has gone to new heights and I regret nothing!

Coffee is life!

Number 1 – The beautiful feel of warmth when I am patting my cats in the sun

To be honest, number 1 and 2 are pretty much tied. When I make my morning coffee, I usually wander outside to enjoy a bit of sun. Of course my curious cats come trotting alongside me eager for a pat.

There is something especially beautiful about patting the soft warm fur of a cat when they are soaking up the sun. It is just wonderful and I am very grateful for those small moments with them, well until they walk through my legs and almost trip me over. I do not mind going head over feet, but if I spill that coffee…watch out!

Coffee and cats are a great combination.

I hope you notice small gratitudes in your own life from this month. Feel free to get in touch and tell me about them.

Stay Fabulous, Jo.

Published by Chronically Fabulous

I am Jo, an Aussie blogger with ankylosing spondylitis, doing everything I can to live a slow and healthy life that is not defined by chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

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